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about Giulia

Heysa, I’m Giulia Camille Bianchi, a graphic designer, little yogi & earthling. I enjoy living in the city of Copenhagen, where I am able to ride my bike everywhere. I’m what you could call “tricultural”, named after my Italian nonna, and I speak Danglish. I’ve lived in my two home countries, Denmark and Australia. These two cultures have diversified my experiences and values.

Giulia’s process

From a young age I’ve found fascination in creating images of my surroundings. Drawing and painting is my time-out, a place where I can immerse myself. I like experimenting with mixing detailed handwork with the digital. Much of my work reflects life experiences, motion and growth.

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about Jem

Hello! My name is Jem Magbanua, a visual artist and illustrator based in Manila. Working mainly in watercolor and pencil, I explore subjects like botany, architecture, and our relationship with the environment. My infatuation with the landscape gives me a constant itch to go on hikes or meander through the city. If I am not physically traveling through one hemisphere of the world, my mind wonders through the literary trails set in books.

Jem’s process

As a full-time freelancer, most days are spent the studio, cooking up new projects and tending to my vegetable garden.

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